I was at first skeptical about Jason’s ability to be my coach without experience in my industry, Mortgage Banking. Jason has exceeded my expectations! We are creating and executing a viable business plan for 2014 to dramatically increase my business. As my coach, Jason is keeping me accountable and focused on the critical tasks for my success. Our time together is extremely valuable and enjoyable. Thank You!!!
Jason Dukes


Public Speaking
Working with Jason Dukes from Captain’s Chair Coaching is like uncovering the layers hiding your best self. With no nonsense truthful guidance, Jason helps his clients navigate the innate talent within them by challenging self-sabotaging thoughts that no longer serve purpose. I wholly recommend him to those who want to live their best lives.


Jason is an outstandingly talented life coach ready to take anyone’s life story, state, and strategy to the next level. Jason is both fun and professional to work with when creating a strategic vision for principally living life at the most successful and fulfilled levels. I highly recommend taking up the opportunity to work with Jason on your successful long term personal and professional development.
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