Create your Vision Board One-On-One with Jason Dukes!  One that will actually CHANGE your life!
I created this Special Offer to design your Vision Board One-On-One with me!  This is part of the work that I do with Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and other C-Suite Executives.  So you may ask…… Why do you need ME to create a vision board with you?  Thanks for asking…..
  • People usually create vision boards because they want to create a new future for themselves.  Unfortunately, people don’t usually do the mental detoxing and then empowering that it takes to create a new and different vision.  So, the Vision Boards that people create don’t change anything….they just end up creating a different version of what they already have.
  • There are 100’s of ways to Vision Board.  But people usually don’t choose the one that works for them (to vision and ultimately to follow), instead they choose some generic technique that they’ve seen someone else use.
  • People get stuck after creating a vision board because they have a hard time turning it into a plan.
  • People minimize their Vision Board to make it more possible.
  • People maximize their Vision Board to have it be impossible so they can be right about being a failure or that things are hard.
  • You get to work One-On-One with me to maximize your Vision!
  • etc, etc, etc….

The Offer is split into three One-On-One Sessions

The Detox

In Depth Session to distinguish your GREATNESS, Your Patterns, and What’s Holding You Back

The Empowerment

Synching your GREATNESS with your wants and desires

The Vision Board & The Plan

Creating the Vision Board and a plan to achieve your vision


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Working with Jason helped me clarify the issues that were really causing pain points in my business. Jason helped me navigate challenging decisions and conversations to help me grow my businesses and build a business that worked with my personal life goals.

Steve Wilcox Real Estate Investor

Jason has been a gamechanger in my business. He helped me to see that driving 120 mph only works if the car is pointed in the right direction. Someone once asked how long I’m going work with Jason, I laughed, and said forever!

Kyle Jasey Jasey Capital

I’m about to transition to being the Co-Founder and CEO of a global multi-billion dollar corporation in 2022. That’s what Jason can do you you!!!

Founder, CEO, BlockQuake Founder, CEO, BlockQuake

Jason has been an incredible help to me and my organization.

S. Greg Gill President and CEO, SRO America

In working with Jason Dukes for the last few years, I’ve been able to not only survive some of the most difficult times in the history of American business, but actually thrive, and be happy and fulfilled while doing it.

Wes Buck Founder Drag Illustrated, The Wes Buck Show, Door Slammer Nationals, World Series of Pro Mod

I Quadrupled Business, have higher energy levels, lower stress levels, and enjoy what I do more. Jason’s coaching is a life changer!

Greg De Giorgis Founder, SimMetric Labs

Jason has been an essential part of my success on both personal and business projects. He is relentless in pushing me outside my comfort zone, identifying difficult problems on the path to my goals and pursuing solutions.

Greg Rublev Entrepreneur, Built/Sold Startup, Marathoner, Dad

I’ve worked with Jason for a year and he’s helped me find my find and go after my true north star.

Matthew Gelb C-Suite Executive, Entrepreneur

Helped me take advantage of the things in me for which I wasn’t giving myself credit.

“Slammin” Sam Smith Motorsports Personality

Jason’s coaching helped me power through the pandemic and thrive.

Richard Burke President, Success on Wheels



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